Catherine Ware

Happenstance. I connected with someone on Facebook who is researching the Rulon family in NJ and PA. Not the same direct family group as me, but she sent along a few newspaper clippings that relate to my research of the William Batten Rulon and Ann Wagner Ottey Rulon family.

One piece was an obituary from 1907 for Catherine Ware that indicated her funeral services would be at the home of her niece, Mrs. William B. Rulon of 1516 South 8th Street (Philadelphia).

Catherine Ware

Imagine my surprise when I start googling her name and come across this article The first name is spelled with a “K” here, but it’s definitely the same woman. Mrs. William B. Rulon (Ann) is mentioned again as niece of the deceased.

This all reminded me of the crumbling Rulon & Marnie photo album I saved from a garage clean out a few years ago. Sure enough, this was in it:

Ann W. Rulon

The stone reads “Catherine Ware, Died Aug. 31, 1907”. I’m guessing the woman in the photo is Ann Wagner Ottey Rulon. I’ve confirmed that Catherine Ware was buried at Mount Moriah in Philadelphia, but this part of the cemetery is apparently too overgrown to visit.

Although this aunt is not normally someone I’d be that interested in (outside of the main family I’m researching), she clearly had a relationship with Ann Rulon and that’s piqued my interest.


2 thoughts on “Catherine Ware

  1. What a wonderful find you have! I’ve been doing research since the 70’s and still find a few gems but they are far and few between. Thanks so much for the visit. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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