Using Google Maps in Your Research

Trying to keep dozens of place names in mind while researching a particular family can be frustrating. As I’ve been researching the family of Joseph C. Felver and Margaret Petty Felver of New Jersey I realized I was seeing a lot of conflicting town names — multiple places where their children were born, where they lived, etc.

So, I created a Google map for the Felvers in NJ to coordinate the various place names. Anyone can create a free Google account which will allow you to create various maps. Simply find a place you want to include, drop a pin and then edit the description.

I’ve chosen to add notes in the description field. I’ve also pin pointed some local libraries, etc. that may be helpful in learning more about this family. All of this will help me coordinate a trip in the future to try and dig up more information on the Felvers.


2 thoughts on “Using Google Maps in Your Research

  1. I took the Google online class to learn to use the new Google maps for just this purpose; although I have not yet created a map with family locations on it, it is definitely on my to-do list.

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