Mary Wagner Rulon Marnie (1887-1946)

One of the few photos my father-in-law was able to identify for me was “Gran’s wife”, Mary.Mary W. Rulon Marnie

I have no idea when this photo was taken, but I’m guessing somewhere around 1910-ish, based on what she looks like in a 1910/1911 photo that includes her son, William Rulon Marnie, who was born in 1909.

Mary Wagner Rulon, born in Philadelphia, PA on September 30, 1887. She was the daughter of William Batten Rulon and Ann Wagner Ottey Rulon. Mary was baptized at Scott Methodist Episcopal Church on April 1, 1888.

At 20 years old (1907), she married Edwin Thomas Marnie. They have one son together, William Rulon Marnie, born 1909.

According to my father-in-law, he believed Mary and Edwin (“Gran”) were separated, divorced, or otherwise estranged. But she died in 1946, well before Edwin who died in 1979 at 94 years old. In 1942, Edwin’s WWII registration card lists both of them at the same South Philadelphia address and I’ve never found evidence of them living apart.

My father-in-law knew Edwin for the better part of a decade. Perhaps he just assumed a separation or divorce because no one talked about Mary. It was more than 20 years after her death.


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