Saving Family Treasures

Has genealogy research ever made you cry? In the 10 years or so I’ve been researching, there’s one experience that brought tears to my eyes, this photo album:

One thing I always asked with my husband’s parents about was photos – specifically whether or not they had any. They were able to give me some pictures, but didn’t seem to have anything old. Nothing black and white. Nothing with grandparents and beyond.

When we were cleaning out their house in preparation for a move, I uncovered a musty, ripped paper shopping bag underneath a pile of junk. Stuffed inside was a photo bonanza – this falling apart photo album of the Marnie/Rulon families (pictured) and stacks of loose black and white photos.

In the garage. In a bag. Underneath a pile of junk. I sat down in the middle of the garage and wept while looking at the photos.

I’m still trying to figure out who is who. Much of it is guess work based on the people I can identify.

Have you had this kind of experience during your own research?


2 thoughts on “Saving Family Treasures

  1. We know exactly what you mean! The only difference being we happened upon a box belonging to another family. Our grandmother and her family had kept this shoebox for more than 80 years! Yes, 80+ YEARS. Our grandmother was just a toddler when a boarder left the shoebox (for safe keeping) with our great grandmother during their trip to California and now we are helping reunite the shoebox with it’s rightful family. As soon as we saw this family’s history we knew we had to find this family. We were lucky because there was a marriage license from 1919 and many of the photos were labeled so we had a pretty good starting point.
    We meet the family tomorrow and return the shoebox…we will be in tears as everyone is reunited. Tears of joy that we are able to do this or the family. Tears of hope that someone else would do the same for us. Tears of sadness as we will miss Zettie a little.

    Check out our blog and view the memorabilia…a real treasure 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by and good luck!

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