Hiram Felver (1853-1925)

Hiram Felver obituary

Hiram Felver obituary

Hiram Felver was my great-great-grandfather. It took me a long time to find his obituary, simply because I was looking in the wrong place. Hiram was born in New Jersey, but lived most of his adult life in Brooklyn, NY.

When I finally got a copy of his death certificate, I found it somewhat odd that he had died in the Bronx. Things happen, I thought—people don’t always die at home or even in the city/town they reside in.

So I widened my obituary search and found that Hiram Felver had moved to Mount Vernon, NY and then most recently before his death to Pratt Avenue (the Bronx).

This always reminds me that what you think you know is often not fact. You should always, always widen your searches (whether by location, alternate spellings, etc.) to find obituaries, certificates, church records, etc.


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