Finding a New Record…Again

I’ve found myself “finding” a new record and experiencing that little thrill of potential new information before being crestfallen as I realize I already have that “new” record. This has happened more than a few times. I’ve blamed it on my dual data approach – offline database for verified information and online ( database for research purposes.

But then I almost ordered a death certificate from the New Jersey archives—for the second time—and realized a much better method of keeping track of vital records and other sources was in order. My offline database does include source details, but I clearly have been lazy about proper citation so that I know *exactly* where a detail came from.

I’ve also been thinking about using a checklist, like this one from Family Tree Magazine or one that I create myself, to allow a quick run down of what I have so that I can then enter the details into my offline database properly.

How do you keep track of vital records and other documents?


3 thoughts on “Finding a New Record…Again

  1. That’s a great form you’ve linked to. I have trouble with sources, etc., too. I’ve been using PAF since it became available. Now that they’re phasing it out, I was just wondering what program you use for your genealogy. I’ve got to move my information to something. I know FamilySearch suggests three different programs. Do you have any preferences? Thanks!

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