Joseph C. Felver (1825-1909) – Civil War

Joseph C. Felver  was commissioned as an officer (First Lieutenant) in Company B, New Jersey 31st Infantry Regiment on September 17, 1862. He was promoted to full Captain on May 22, 1863. Felver mustered out on June 24, 1863 at Flemington, NJ.

According to all the records I’ve found, there were two other Felvers—Clark and Peter C.—in this regiment. I have not been able to figure out exactly what connects Joseph, Clark, and Peter, but they must be related in some fashion. Christopher and Seth Petty were also in Company B and since Joseph C. Felver married Margaret Petty I’ve often wondered if these are her brothers or other relatives.

Jacob’s Diary—entries written by Jacob Castner Wandling—mention Joseph C. Felver twice. My favorite of the two is this:

Excerpt from Jacob's Diary

Excerpt from Jacob’s Diary


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