William Exall Felver, Sr. (1888-1936)

William Exall Felver

William Exall Felver

William Exall Felver was my great-grandmother’s brother. He was born in Brooklyn, NY on September 29, 1888 and spent much of his life in Mount Vernon, NY.

He fought during WWI in France and sent home this handsome photo home to his sister. According to his military records, William was drafted into service on May 26, 1918. He was sent to Europe on June 30, 1918 and returned on February 21, 1919. He was discharged on March 8, 1919 at Camp Dix, NJ. He was at Meuse-Argonne fro October 1, 1918 to November 14, 1918. He was not injured.

William Exall Felver

William married Louise Kothe on November 21, 1921. He and Louise had one child, William E. Felver, Jr. (1923-2007).

William Exall Felver

William Exall Felver, Sr. died on March 27, 1936 due to leukemia. He was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.


One thought on “William Exall Felver, Sr. (1888-1936)

  1. William’s photo in uniform is quite breath-taking. There is such sadness and knowing in his eyes. We will never really understand what those men and women went through fighting a totally new kind of war on such a huge scale. Although his service was mercifully short, he must still have encountered and endured things that would have changed him forever. My great-grandfather also fought in France in WWI, was wounded and had a leg amputated. Although he lived until 1970, he always bore the physical and emotional scars of war.

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