Mid-Atlantic Family History Conference

I just registered for this conference at the Cherry Hill (NJ) Family History Center on Saturday, October 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This will be my first foray in to a genealogy conference. Is anyone going to this one? Have you been to others? Any advice for the first timer?


7 thoughts on “Mid-Atlantic Family History Conference

  1. I’ve never attended one of these, but am impressed by the range of offerings. Which workshops are attracting your interest?
    There are so many different ways of working genealogy, depending in part on the kind of family you’re investigating, the time period (for census records, especially), and the locale (if they stayed put or you know where they were). And each of these has its own special quirks to deal with. I’ve interacted with researchers who have concentrated on courthouse records, for instance, and others (like me) who have sifted Quaker and Brethren materials.
    I look forward to hearing of your experience.

    • I’m most interested in the NJ archives workshop and learning more about researching at a family history center. I also just learned that the Association of Professional Genealogists will be there offering free 15 minute consultations, “Antiques Roadshow” style, where you can get advice on a brick wall or problem area of your research. I work at a Quaker institution with a fair number of research resources – if there’s anything I could help you with, please let me know!

      • The microfilm at Swarthmore College has a number of pages from the early Irish minutes that are marked, “This page is too faint to microfilm.”
        Short of going to London and trying infrared lighting or some such, well, you get the idea.
        Another possibility is to go through all of the Albert Cook Myers boxes in storage at the West Chester library and hope to find some detailed support for the intense sufferings occurred when a ship carrying Irish Quakers to America was captured by privateers and taken to Antigua.
        Thanks for the offer, all the same, but this is something for a full-time historian, I’m afraid.
        So why aren’t you one of the presenters?

      • Genealogy research is a passion, not my career and I’m afraid I’m quite novice compared to the conference presenters. I’ll be happy just to attend!

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