Playing Find a Grave in the Knotweed

In August I wrote about finding the burial site of Catherine Ware at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia. I visited again in mid-September for a clean up event and happened to be working in a section adjacent to Catherine Ware’s plot.

Another brave volunteer and I took a break from the clean up to climb through the knotweed that has completely taken over her plot.

See, I knew there were other people buried in this plot. You can tell from this photo that there are a number of smaller stones surrounding the larger monument:


I was amazed to find so much new information on these stones, even though I couldn’t reach all of them. Catherine Ware isn’t buried with her husband, but a few of her siblings and their children are here at Mount Moriah.

To give you an idea of what climbing through knotweed is like:



2 thoughts on “Playing Find a Grave in the Knotweed

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