The Unmarried Sisters

margureite and maud taylor november 19 1911 copy

Edna Marguerite and Maud Taylor

Frederick Taylor and his wife Mary Felver had five children: Edna Marguerite (1889-1963), Maud (1890-?), Clarence (1893-1972), Helen (1895-?), and Joseph (1898-?). I’ve been fascinated by this side of the family because it’s clear the daughters, especially Edna Marguerite, were close to my great-grandparents.

I have a number of photos of Edna with my great-grandparents as young adults. They clearly “hung out” together and seemed to be fairly close cousins.

As far as I can tell so far, none of the three daughters married. In 1920, the 30 year old Edna Marguerite and 24 year old Helen were still living at home with their parents.  Maud either died between 1911 (when the above photo was was taken) and 1920 or she married or I simple can’t find a trace of her.

In 1930, Edna Marguerite is the only Taylor child living at home with mom and dad (who are now well into their 60s). By this point, Helen either died, married, or “got lost”.

Edna Marguerite is still alive and living with her parents in 1940. It doesn’t seem unusual, with three daughters in the family, that one would stay at home to take care of the parents, keep house, etc., but I do know that Edna worked for the post office (like her father) for many years.

What became of Maud and Helen? Did they remain unmarried, but simply weren’t living at home?


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