Helen Taylor, Found

I’m beginning to think the best way for me to uncover a new piece of information is to write about the various dead ends and brick walls on this site. Yesterday I wrote about the Taylor sisters and the fact that two of them seemed to drop out of site after 1920.

It struck me that Edna Marguerite Taylor is buried with her parents at Locust Hill Cemetery in Dover, NJ, but that neither Helen nor Maud are there—at least not in the same plot. I went to findagrave.com and found a Helen Taylor Keats buried with her husband Wilfred Keats.

A bit of googling for Helen and Wilfred Keats, found this small, but eye-opening gem from the historic Rockaway Record:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.07.31 PM


I’m not sure when Helen and Wilfred married, when they moved to Pennsylvania, or when they moved back to New Jersey (Wilfred was apparently mayor of nearby Wharton Township, NJ for a time), but now I know that Helen didn’t just disappear.

Now if I could learn more about their son, La Vern…


2 thoughts on “Helen Taylor, Found

  1. I am the son of Laverne. Laverne is still alive in Chalfont PA, his email is odeonurn@verizon.net. Wilfred moved to PA and lived with us until he died in 1980. I am not really into genealogy but my dad is and I do recognize the Felver name.

    • Hi Halsey! I met your Dad and Mom a few years back at Peddler’s Village for lunch. We’ve corresponded many times, and he was able to identify a lot of photos I have. He even showed us a photo of Joseph Felver, our common ancestor.

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