The Taylor Children at School

As I continue to try and learn more about the children of Frederick and Mary (Felver) Taylor of Dover, New Jersey, I’ve been trying various google search combinations to try to churn up more information about the children: Edna Marguerite, Maud, Clarence, Helen, and Joseph.

Descendants of one of these children may be the only other source of clarity on the Felver family origins. My dream is to find a living descendent that has a family bible. How wonderful would that be.


I did discover that the Taylor kids show up in local news under the very cute school reports detailing “class leaders” and “present every day” students.

Here you’ll see Marguerite and Maud who are both in the 7th grade but in different classes. I always thought they were born in two different years, but now I wonder if they could have been twins.

Clarence is a bit farther down the page in the 5th grade while Helen is in the 3rd grade.

The youngest, Joseph,  was three years younger than Helen and wouldn’t have been in grammar school.

While this kind of school report doesn’t provide hard data, it does provide details of the lives of the Taylor children. Marguerite, Maud, Clarence, and Helen were present every day – imagine that! And two out of four were cited as class leaders.

Clearly, education was important in the Taylor family.


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