Using Simple Shapes to Diagram a Burial Plot

I’ve mentioned my search for ancestor Catherine Ware and her (currently) overgrown burial plot at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia a few times here.

Each time I visit Mount Moriah I try to visit her plot and learn a little more about the people buried here.

There are 7 visible stone in this plot: 2 for Catherine Ware (a large obelisk and a smaller stone with her initials), 1 for Thomas H. Ottey and Amanda (Wagner) Ottey, one for Mary A. Wagner, one for the children of Thomas and Amanda Ottey that died in infancy or early childhood, 1 for Lillian and Albert Simon, and 1 for Horace and Christina Kincaid.

I’m still unravelling exactly who all of the people are and I’ve recently learned from GSP records that there are others buried here, too: John Wagner, Adam Wagner, Rebecca Wagner, and Walter Walker.

To help myself sort it all out and plan where to look for possible stones for these other folks I’ve created the following:

Section 130, Lots 17 & 18, Div A

Section 130, Lots 17 & 18, Div A

My diagram started by taking a close up screen shot of the double plot owned by Catherine Ware. I plugged this in to Pages, but you could easily use Word or any other program that allows you to import an image and then place text and shapes over top.

I then used the shape tool to approximate the location, placement, and general shape of each visible stone. This is certainly not to scale, but you get the idea.

I ended by labeling each shape with text indicating the names on the stones. If I’m able to discover any new stones I can easily edit my document to add new shapes.

There is clearly a lot of unused space in these plots! In about a week I’ll be clearing the knotweed to get a better look.


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