Meeting Cousins

I had the privilege of meeting two cousins on Saturday, each of us representing the line of one of three siblings on the Felver side of the family. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this. It was a lovely day and something I’d do again, albeit a bit differently next time.

One of the cousins is in his 90s and when he suggested we meet for lunch I jumped at the chance. He brought with him a photo of our civil war era patriarch which we’d never seen before, plus a variety of details that give me other avenues to explore with the other cousin (Hi, D. L.!). I have a feeling she and I will continue to make headway on exploring this family.

What would I do differently next time? Mainly, I wouldn’t meet at a restaurant – it was noisy and I couldn’t hear or follow all of the conversation. In the new year I will hopefully go visit D.L. in New Jersey someplace nice and quiet that will allow the two of us to really talk. Until then, we’ll continue to chip away at the mysteries of the Felver family.


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