Family Recipe Friday



This recipe, marked “Grandma Warner”, would have been from the kitchen of Beatrice (Felver) Warner or Minnie (Manley) Warner, depending on who’s perspective “grandma” was from.

This caught my eye because it’s called “Higdom”, something I had never heard of before. It seems to be a spiced relish or pickle with green tomatoes.  As I googled Higdom, I found a number of folks talking about this, especially in relation to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. I’m not sure if it’s entirely a regional thing or when it first showed up, but green tomatoes and/or cabbage seem to be the main veggie ingredient.

I’m intrigued to try this at some point, though I’m not sure if “1 red pepper (or 6 green peppers)” refers to a bell pepper, hot pepper, etc.



3 thoughts on “Family Recipe Friday

  1. Did you ever make this? I’m online googling recipes per my grandmother’s request to compare notes with her grandmother’s recipe. She’s from Central NY state. Thanks for sharing. I might go with a mashup of both recipes and see how it goes.

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