Findagrave Hacks

I recently exported the 380+ photo requests for Fernwood Cemetery in Lansdowne, PA and exported them to an Excel spreadsheet so that I could edit and manipulate the data. My goal was to lookup and enter section and lot information for the requests and then sort the spreadsheet to group the requests by section.

There are two tools I came across to assist with this. Both require entering the cemetery ID number, found at the tail end of the cemetery page on For instance, Fernwood Cemetery’s url is and the ID # is 153990.

The first site spits out the photo request data that you can copy and paste into excel.

The second site—which is the one I used—gives you access to a bit more data:

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 8.02.25 PM

Selecting one of the blue numbers for no photo, has photo, or photo requests gives you data that you can copy and paste to excel. Selecting “More Info” brings you to a page with more data about the cemetery’s findagrave statistics and gives you a way to search for a particular name—as well as the very handy date range search (in case you don’t know the name or the name might be misspelled).

Happy hunting!


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