Family Recipe Friday

I have no idea what family member this recipe came from, but it was with the large collection of recipe’s from my grandmother. I’m drawn to this “Jellied Grapefruit Salad” recipe card because of the interesting handwriting, the side-view drawing of what the salad should look like, and the terrifying mix of gelatin, juices, cream cheese, steamed prunes, and a garnish of mayonnaise. Yikes!

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 8.53.49 PM


4 thoughts on “Family Recipe Friday

  1. It does sound pretty bizarre! Jellied food was really popular in the 1950 and1960s here; something i discovered from an older friend’s mother who msde a pineapple and cottage cheese jellied salad for a lunch we attended. It had become a kind of family joke; looked horrendous but actually tasted quite nice!

  2. That sounds just awful! Have you tried it? If you do, please take a photo and report back on what it tastes like. I think I will skip it. 🙂

  3. It looks very typical of the recipes I used to see in my mom’s Good Housekeeping mags in the fifties. Tupperware jello molds were the rage and just about any edible item could wind up in a gelatin mold.Fruit salad in jello with a glob of cottage cheese on top was the most common to see.

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