So You Sold the Farm…

I’ve been looking for my ancestor’s farm by scouring old maps and looking through old texts for clues. As usual, I turned to to search through hundreds of pages of old newspapers. After searches for “Josiah Warner” didn’t turn up much, I started looking for Warner with a combination of place names such as Catskill, Athens, Coxsackie, and Greene County. These searches turned up a few articles pertaining to “Jofiah Warner”.

Then I found this:

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 11.14.07 AM

The description of the farm’s location matches previous texts. Josiah didn’t arrive in the area until right around 1800, so why is he trying to sell his farm only 5 years later, and where did the family live if this land indeed sold? Census records show Josiah Warner stayed in the local area—perhaps on this land or perhaps somewhere else. The mystery continues!


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