Cemetery Life

IMG_4690This spring I’ve spent quite a bit of time visiting Philadelphia area cemeteries — which accounts for my general lack of presence here. I’ve been to Arlington in Drexel Hill, West Laurel Hill in Bala Cynwyd, Fernwood in Yeadon, Oakland in Philadephia, and Mount Moriah in Yeadon & Philadelphia.

I’ve taken 1,000s of photos since the beginning of the year, some to fulfill requests but many more just to add to the database. Just a few weeks ago, a gentleman emailed me thrilled to find I had photographed his grandparents stone. This is what it’s all about to me.

The green lady, pictured here, is one of my favorites from this spring. It was taken at West Laurel Hill Cemetery. Now if I could just finish uploading the last 200 or so images from my last trip there I’d be ready to tackle summer!


5 thoughts on “Cemetery Life

  1. Do you load the photos where others can view them? I’m assuming so since the one person was so happy about his grandparents’ being there. But, where do you post them? My great grandfather’s three children are buried in West Laurel as is his first wife. I haven’t found him, but I’m hoping he is there as well.

      • His name is Harry Wilkins. His son Harry Wilkins is buried there as is his daughter Helen and his first wife Kate. I’ve never found when he died. Just that he was born in 1856. Helen is Kate’s daughter and Harry is his second wife’s son. It’s interesting that he also had a son Harry with Kate, but he also died and is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Norristown with Harry’s brother and sister-in-law. Actually, the cemetery is Mt. Peace in NE Philly. I’ve posted their memorials on FAG. Kate is 1861 to 1893. Harry Benjamin Wilkins was born 1897, died 1907. Helen was born 1890, died 1901. I don’t have headstone images on any of them. But, Harry Sr I have found nothing on his death or place of death. I’m only guessing he’d be buried with his first wife since his second wife was buried with her family in Wilmington, DE. Thanks for replying!

      • I’m sorry to say I don’t know much about Mt. Peace Cemetery, other than they charge $20.00 for a burial lookup. Is it possible Harry Sr. was born in 1851? I found a death cert for Harry Wilkins, born August 19, 1851 who was a gardner.

      • When I first read West Laurel Hill, I thought that was the cemetery. But, when I went to get the info, I realized it wasn’t, but still had hopes it was a place you had visited. One of these days, if they allow people in, I’ll get up there and ask them where Kate’s grave is and see for myself if he is also there. I have the plot info that was purchased and there were at least four plots and only three burials at the time, so one can hope. No, sadly, that’s not my Harry. Mine was born in Norristown and was a tin smith. He worked on roofs and heating out of his home at 627 York. My grandfather was also born there, but the house is gone now. Still, the one on the opposite corner gives me an idea of what his looked like. I just don’t have a vehicle, so I can only get up there when someone is headed that way anyway. Some day, I’ll find them!! Thank you so very very much for taking the time to try. I really appreciate it.

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