Vital Records Chart

Very helpful chart. I’m constantly trying to remember these dates as I shift my research from state to state.

The Guthrie, McCoy, Misson & Showalter Families

Family Tree Magazine has a  vital records chart  (click on the link) in pdf format,  that lists the year states officially began collecting birth, marriage and death information. Keep in mind that some counties and towns may have kept records earlier.

A couple of notes:
Delaware state birth and death records stop in 1863 and resumed again in 1881.
Louisiana birth records are found in parish clerk offices.
Tennessee does not have state records of birth or death records for 1913.
Washington, D.C. birth records start in 1874, marriage records 1811 and death records start in 1855. No death records were maintained during the Civil War.

This is a great resource tool to have on hand.

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