Best Friends

Grace Hill and Grace Orrok must have been good friends growing. It’s clear the two teens kept in touch via letters, although the letters no longer exist. The evidence is in the photos that Grace Orrok sent to her friend, with handwritten notes on the back, such as “both [photos] are ‘not so hot’!”.

Grace Orrok also referred to one photo as “high hat” and another as “rotten”, because she had just spent Decoration Day hiking to the Glens with E.G. (10 miles both ways). I can’t imagine walking a single mile in those shoes!


Grace Olive Hill (1914-1996)

When my oldest brother called to let me know that he had our grandmother’s baby book from 1914, I was amazed. The book—handwritten by my great-grandmother—contains not just baby related photos and tidbits, but all sorts of old family photos including images of people we never knew (almost all labeled!)

I’m still learning things from this almost 100 year old baby book. Not only do I have a photo of the farm house where my grandmother was born (her grandpa Hill’s home), I know from one entry that “Baby was born in the country at Grandpa Hill’s home on Wheeler Creek Rd near Geneva, Ohio and remained there until she was three months old, when she was taken to Columbus, Ohio to live”. I haven’t even begun to search maps to see if I can match the photo of the house up with any that still exist on Wheeler Creek Rd. And if the house is gone, where on Wheeler Creek was it?

I’ve done absolutely zero research related to property in my genealogy quest, so if you have any tips please leave them in the comments!