A Breakthrough, Pending Proof

I had a bit of a breakthrough recently regarding Joseph C. Felver’s parents! Just last week I wrote about finding the 1850 census where Joseph and Margaret Felver have an unknown 9 year old living with them.

I’ve believed for awhile that Joseph’s parents could be Frederick and Catherine Felver, but I couldn’t prove it. Joseph C., Peter, and Clark Felver all served together in the NJ 31st regiment, company B in the civil war. Plenty of people have been researching Peter and Clark and other children of Frederick and Catherine, but there seemed to be no information on where Joseph might fit in—if at all.

I did a bit more digging and realized that Peter is most likely Joseph’s younger brother and that they took him in when father Frederick died in 1840. At least, 1840 is the date that trees on ancestry.com give, although no one seems to have proof. I think there’s an extremely good chance that Frederick and Catherine were Joseph’s parents and that Peter was a younger brother. If Frederick did die in 1840, the mother (Catherine) would have likely needed help from the older children to care for the younger children.

No all I need to do is prove my theory! Seems like a trip to New Jersey is starting to come together.

This post is for D’Anne, the only other descendent of Joseph C. Felver I’ve corresponded with!