Reburials at Mount Moriah Cemetery

In late October I had the privilege of joining members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, local university students, and other volunteers in reclaiming section 112 of Mount Moriah Cemetery on the Yeadon side.

This section was purchased by the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia and the church moved its burial ground from the area of 2nd and Arch Streets to Mount Moriah in early 1860. The center of the section contains a large monument to the churches pastors and the rest of the section contains a criss-cross of sidewalks with burials in between.

It appears a number of stones were moved when the bodies were reinterred, but perhaps most interesting is the portion of sidewalk made up of flat headstones used as sidewalk ‘pavers’.

In October 2015, may of these stones saw the light of day for the first time in many years.



Daughters of the American Revolution

Are you a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution?

Nearly every time I’ve seen my aunt over the past 20 years she has asked me when I’m going to join. She’s been a member for a long time and is quite involved. I finally broke down and agreed to join—why not, after all? We’re working on my application and I’m planning to attend a local chapter meeting next month.

I’m curious to hear from other members what they enjoy most about the organization. I have to admit that I’m most interested in the genealogy and historic preservation aspects than I am in other aspects and this has caused my hesitancy to join in the past. Do members tend to have a special interest or are members expected to take part in all aspects and activities?